LV Switchgear

Since starting operations, Switchgear Division has been making excellent strides in delivering quality Low Voltage Switchgear Panels under an authorized panel builder agreement with ABB, L&T and Legrand. All our panels are backed by international warranties offered by our principal and partners worldwide.

As a leading and established manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of LV Distribution Panels, our Switchgear Manufacturing division caters to a vast array of commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure sectors where the need for safe and reliable power supply solutions are paramount. The division houses a state-of-the-art, well-equipped facility with a highly experienced staff committed to providing switchboards of excellent quality, specifically engineered to the client’s requirements.

The essence of the division’s success lies in the expertise of a fine team of professionals, strong relationships with associates, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently – all supported with the vision to think ahead.

 • Certified for ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001

• ASTA certified for 400A, 800A, 1200A, 1600A, 2500A & 4000A

• Dedicated Sheet Metal Facility to back LV Panel assembly

• Qualified 100+ technical staff responsible for timely deliveries

Medium Voltage

We provides complete solution for Medium Voltage Switchgear products. The product range are up to 13.8 KV. These includes Ring Main Units (RMU), AIS and GIS Switchgear, Medium Voltage Drive up to 11 KV, Solution to start Medium voltage motor up to 13.8 KV. All the products are completely Type Tested as per IEC standards. Brief detail about MV motor starters is stated below